Writing Tips from Authors Who Are Successful!

Since I started writing way back, I leaned and learned on several authors and an agent who were willing to take me under their wing. Honestly, I’m forever grateful for their tips, their guidance, and their direction.

Stacey Donaghy is a fine and successful agent who believed in me way back when. She worked diligently on my behalf, and at that time, I had one book, a hope and a dream to be a writer and get something published. She was kind, compassionate, and gave me great tips along the way.

There are authors who have helped me along the way. Some of them I reach out to when I have completed a manuscript and need a set of eyes, and perhaps, a review. They’ve been generous with their time, knowing that many of them have day jobs, their own writing, and their families to tend to. There are too many to name, but honestly, if you take a peek at my previous posts, you’ll see them in the Meet ____ An Author! posts.

There are two such authors I regularly seek out. Their websites are helpful, and I’ve found them to be knowledgeable about writing. James Glass is a terrific thriller-mystery author and if you pick up any of his books, you’ll be entertained by his use of suspense and his build up to the climax. You can find my interview with him in my previous posts.

Another author is Paul Hollis. While he writes in the thriller genre, Paul is known for his international intrigue and espionage. He posted some great tips for those of you who might be just starting out. You can find my interview with him in my previous posts. I’ve included his website so you can follow him like I do. Here is his latest post in total:

Many new writers ask for my advice for someone who has writing ability. But, they may but stuck in fear or don’t believe they can go the distance with a full-length manuscript? Here is the best writing advice I’ve ever received?

First-time authors may be overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information that’s going to be flying at them. Try to tune the noise out and write. Write the story you need to tell with your own style and voice, not the one you think agents, publishers, and readers want.

Find the time to write on a schedule every day if you can and write until you draft the story you have always envisioned. Don’t try to force anything. If you experience what it popularly known as writer’s block, there are two things you might do. First, stop for a few minutes and listen to music, or if you are a musician, play a song or two. Second and I love this one, my friend Caleb Pirtle reminds us, “If you are experiencing writer’s block, you may be asking your characters to do something they don’t want to do.”



An event I wanted to alert you to is a podcast I had the good fortune to take part in. It airs tomorrow, Friday, 3-3-23. It is on Facebook through the group Authors Spot. The link will be posted tomorrow, and if you follow me on Facebook, I will be certain to post it for you. My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Joseph.Lewis.Author

On Friday’s episode of @theauthorsspot #podcast🎧🎙️I will talk about my life, my writing, and about my newest book, Fan Mail: When A Little Fanfare turns Fairly Obsessive!

I hope you have the opportunity to check it out. Until then, thanks for following along on my journey. Let me know what you think by adding a comment at the bottom of this post.

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