Two More Reviews for Fan Mail!

Whenever an author publishes his work, no matter who it is, there is a moment of jitters. Maybe more than just one moment. While the author thinks what he or she wrote is pretty good, the book doesn’t “end” when it’s published. The book always ends with each reader who reads it. It becomes their book.

That’s the way it should be. A good book will open eyes. A good book will cause the reader to ask questions to which there might not be many, if any, answers. The reader will pour into any book he or she reads the ‘baggage’ the he or she brings to the book: past experience, present experience, hurts, joys, sorrows, hope. Each will color the book differently depending upon who reads it. It’s magical, really.

Still, when someone says, “So, I read your book …” there is for me, at least, a moment when I suck in my breath and gulp. My mouth gets dry and I might even shake at the knees. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get the picture. After all, I just spent nine months to a year taking an idea and bringing forth a work that is now published. I’ve invested my heart and soul into making that book as best I can make it- not just for me, but for each of you.

In Fan Mail, there were times I wept as I wrote several passages. There were times when I became angry, felt hopeless, felt joy, and smiled. All the feelings and emotions I know will happen to any reader who reads it. There is pain and suffering, but there is also hope and joy.

Now, you can imagine what I felt when best-selling and award-winning author, Sharon Middleton, author of the McCarron’s Corner mysteries, sent me an email with the subject line, Fan Mail Review. I was at once eager to open it, but also hesitant to open it. Her opinion means that much to me. Here is what she wrote:

“Very powerful. Tough. Gritty. Character development is remarkable. Lewis cuts deep as he tackles teen sexuality questions as well as dangerous stalkers. The story explodes with tension and strength, reflective of the personalities involved. Highly recommend it!”

I am still smiling from that review. It means the world to me.

One week later, I receive a review from Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review, and Editor of California Bookwatch. She writes the kind of review that can make or break you as an author. So with the same feelings I had when I opened Sharon’s email, I opened Diane’s. Hers was a much longer review because it goes to librarians across the country as well as bookstores. She wrote, in part:

Fan Mail is hard to easily peg. At once a coming-of-age story that will appeal to mature teens, a thriller that can reach into adult audiences, and a psychological suspense novel that holds elements of deeper life inspections about sacrifice, redemption, and discovery, its gripping saga will reach a wide audience of readers and age groups.

Libraries looking for a vivid, fast-paced story that moves from LGBTQ+ issues to family ties and beyond will find Fan Mail a fine acquisition.”

I about jumped out of my skin with this review. I am pleased with the powerful 5 Star Reviews Fan Mail is receiving. I’ll hang onto the positive reviews I’ve received so far.

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