A Review and a Snippet – Fan Mail

I received my first review of my newest book, Fan Mail, yesterday, so I thought I would share it along with a passage from the book. Karen E. Osborne, author of Reckonings and Tangled Lies, wrote:

“I really enjoyed Fan Mail. I meant to read it over several weeks, but once I got started, I had to keep going.”

Headline: Couldn’t Put It Down!

5 Stars

Once again, author Joseph Lewis has written a page-turning thriller. I liked the suspenseful plot, and the adopted brothers and their journey were compelling. Short chapters, fast-paced, and terrific attention to telling details combined with a strong plot and great characters added up to a satisfying read. Thanks for another excellent story! What’s next?

I’m pleased a terrific and well-respected author such as Karen liked Fan Mail. Honestly, it felt “right” as I wrote it, and much of it wrote itself. This one, like my others, uses the same characters, but it has a coming-of-age thread embedded in a tight thriller-crime-mystery that I think readers will enjoy.

Here is the first chapter of Fan Mail for your enjoyment. More to come in subsequent posts. I apologize in advance for the cutting and pasting feature not working well.


The boys, victorious in the soccer match against their cross-city rivals, walked away from their end-of-game team huddle when the first of the explosions rocked the ground they stood on. No one knew what the explosion was, only that it came from the stadium parking lot. Several explosions, actually. Two at least, maybe a third.

The stadium shook. The press box, not the newest of structures, fell down on one side and those in the box scrambled, pushing and shoving to get out.

Stunned, the crowd was silent.

At first.

Then, in panic and confusion, they ran, sometimes climbing over one another, knocking down whoever was in their way.

“Guys! Stay here! Get down!” Brian yelled as he ran out in front of his team, his arms out like a traffic cop.

The boys listened and hit the ground, huddling with one another.

Brian and Coach Bennett stood facing the crowd.

“Here! Here!” Brian waved his arms, his eyes locking in on his brothers and friends in the first row.

They responded by jumping over the fence and down onto the track separating the field from the bleachers, and ran to join the team laying frightened and confused on the ground.

Most of the parents followed.

Jeremy sent Vicky and others to the field.

Jamie Graff, Pat O’Connor, and Paul Eiselmann- all three detectives- stopped parents and spectators from going into the parking lot, and redirected them to the field.

Fortunately, the stadium had emptied as the press box fell completely into the top rows and rolled half-way down the bleachers until it broke apart and came to a precarious rest.

Graff took charge and shouted, “Stay where you are until we determine what happened. 9-1-1 has been contacted, and the fire department is on the way!”

He and the two other cops, Jeremy, and the assistant principal, Bob Farner, made their way to the parking lot. Eyes blinked back tears caused by the rancid smoke. Coughing expelled as much smoke that had been inhaled.

Three vehicles towards the back and side of the lot were on fire. They sat in a row near the visitor bus and the marching band trailer. Fortunately, they were situated away from other vehicles.

The heat and smoke kept them from venturing too far. Parents were kept away from their cars until the fire department could assess the situation. What they could see, three vehicles were twisted and burned or burning.

“Jesus!” Jeremy uttered.

“Yeah, I know,” Farner responded.

“No, I mean, that’s Jeff’s SUV in the middle.”

Fan Mail by Joseph Lewis

I hope you enjoyed it. If you Purchase Fan Mail prior to the publication date of March 30, 2023, use the promo code: PREORDER2023 to receive a 15% Discount!

Use the comment section below to let me know what you thought of chapter one of Fan Mail. Thanks for checking in!

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