Blaze In, Blaze Out – On Sale Today and Tomorrow Only!

Blaze In, Blaze Out was featured in The Big Thrill, an international Crime-Thriller magazine. Here is my interview with Azam Gill.

Here is Your Chance to get Blaze In, Blaze Out on Kindle for $.99 Today and Tomorrow Only! The link to purchase is:

In One Short Month, Blaze In, Blaze Out has won a Literary Titan Gold Book Award, A Reader’s Favorite Recommended Read, and was selected as an Editor’s Pick by BestThrillers!

Two detectives were the linchpins in a guilty verdict against the head of a Ukrainian crime family. They thought it was over, but it was only the beginning. From behind prison bars, he hired contract killers for hits on O’Connor and Eiselmann, and anyone else in the way. The killers could be anyone, be anywhere, and could strike at any time! Revenge doesn’t worry about collateral damage. The only guarantee: someone will die! Just a week ago, I was fortunate to be interviewed by a talented and award-winning author, Matthew Arnold Stern. You can check out that interview at:

Sublime Review of Blaze In, Blaze Out by Joseph Lewis

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