Blaze In, Blaze Out – Two Interviews, A 5 Star Review, and a Snippet

I had the pleasure of being interviewed, not once, but twice! Both interviews were fun to do, because I was asked questions I hadn’t been asked before. That’s always fun. The first appears on Teri Polen’s website, Bad Moon Rising, and you can find the interview here:

The other was a live interview with Karen E. Osborne over YouTube and on her website, What Are You Reading, What Are You Writing. You can find it here:

and on YouTube at

I also received a 5 Star Review for Blaze In, Blaze Out from Sublime Book Review, making it three straight 5 Star Reviews! Here it is:

BOOK REVIEW Overall Rating = 4.83

Storyline & Concept = 4.75

Writing and Delivery = 4.75

Editorial = 5

Blaze In, Blaze Out by Joseph Lewis is a unique crime thriller experience that follows Detectives Pat O’Connor and Paul Eiselmann as they are hunted by contract killers ordered by a vengeful Ukrainian crime family. The story also revolves around the four adopted boys of the cops’ friend Jeremy Evans and his wife Vicky McGovern. When the boys participate in a fishing and hunting trip with the detectives, the teenagers become closely connected to the action as the hunting in the woods threatens to be deadly for them all. This action-packed thriller succeeds in depicting each of the main characters with depth, despite having many characters introduced in the beginning of the novel. The switches between the points-of-view of the detectives, the killer, and the four adopted boys enhances the moments of suspense and the pace as the reader’s perspective is broadened. The narration from the adopted boys offers a deeper and more emotional element to the story. With each boy having past traumas, the reader is introduced to elements of racial discrimination, the exploration of one’s sexuality, and the meaning of brotherhood. The contrasting narratives between the youth and the parents adds a unique twist to the novel. In addition, the distinctions between the Western way of thinking and the Navajo culture creates the right blend for an authentic crime experience. The story often alludes to traumatic events that occurred in Joseph Lewis’ previous novels. Although this compliments the understanding of important moments throughout, this novel can be read independently from the others. This book is a blend of a coming-of-age novel and an action-crime thriller that is intriguing for both mature young adults and adults alike.

Sublime Line: “Joseph Lewis uses carefully constructed settings and intriguing characters to create this unique and captivating action-packed thriller.”

I have to say I am proud of this one, just as much as I am proud of the others. Here is another snippet from Blaze In, Blaze Out. I hope you enjoy it!


O’Connor had a decision to make.

Sullivan was behind the women’s restroom door, while the guy who followed her was presumably in the men’s room. He could either wait in the hallway or go into the men’s room to see what might happen. Before he could make the decision, the man came out and the two men faced each other.

O’Connor judged that he was an inch or two taller, but the guy had at least fifty pounds on him, mostly hard-packed muscle.

The hallway wasn’t wide. Still, they had at least two feet between them. O’Connor shifted so that his back was to the women’s restroom.

“Can I help you with something?” O’Connor asked.

The guy cocked his head, smirked, and took a step back. His hands were open and his arms hung at his side.

Sullivan stepped out of the restroom, bumped into O’Connor and said, “Oh, excuse me.”

“Stay behind me,” O’Connor said without taking his eyes off of the guy.

The youngish man nodded at both O’Connor and Sullivan, raised his hands slowly in surrender, turned around and walked back into the main dining area.

O’Connor waited until the man was ten steps ahead of him. He started to move forward, but Sullivan held him back.

“Who is he?” she asked.

“Not sure. Do you carry a weapon? A handgun or something?”

“Pepper spray.”

O’Connor shook his head and said, “I’d consider picking up a weapon. In your line of work, you can’t be too careful. Doesn’t have to be big. A .38 maybe. Or a .22.”

With his eyes on the man ahead of him, O’Connor led Sullivan back to their table. The three men in the booth openly stared at him.

“They don’t seem very friendly,” Eiselmann cracked.

O’Reilly turned around to see who they were and said, “I don’t recognize them.” He turned to Keene and Sullivan and asked, “Do either of you recognize them?”

“No,” Sullivan said.

Keene shook his head.

O’Connor wondered who the three men came for. One, two, or all of the prosecutors? For him? All of them? He didn’t know and that troubled him. He liked to know who he was facing and why. He also recognized that the precautions he and Eiselmann had taken to hide their relationship were for naught.

Staring at the table of cops and prosecutors, the three men stood up. The bigger, older of the three took out his wallet and tossed money on the table even though they hadn’t ordered. As his two partners left the restaurant, he stood in the doorway, locked eyes on one of them- O’Connor wasn’t sure who- and walked out.

“What was that all about?” Sullivan asked.

“Not sure. I think we need to stay here until the cops arrive,” Eiselmann said.

“Too exposed,” O’Connor said as he searched for an area that was away from windows.

“Restroom. Let’s get up slowly and move down that hallway,” Eiselmann said. “Ready? Let’s move.”

Keene was the first down the hallway with Sullivan following and O’Reilly trailing. Eiselmann brought up the rear like a sheep dog herding them along. O’Connor stood at the hallway entrance until they disappeared behind doors. Eiselmann came back to join him.

“I’m guessing they were sent,” he said.

“No doubt. But how did they know we were here?” O’Connor asked. “We also don’t know who they came for.”

“Could have followed O’Reilly and the others. They drove together in O’Reilly’s car.”

“Possibly,” O’Connor answered without taking his eyes off the doorway.


For your convenience, I included the cover to Blaze In, Blaze Out, along with a link for purchase. It is currently available for preorder through my publisher, Black Rose Writing, and if you order before 1-6-22, you can get 15% off by entering the code PREORDER2921

Book Blurb: Detectives Eiselmann and O’Connor thought the conviction of a Ukrainian gang lord meant the end. They forgot that revenge knows no boundaries, vindictiveness knows no restraints, and ruthlessness never worries about collateral damage. A target is a target, and in the end, the target will die.

Blaze In, Blaze Out by Joseph Lewis

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