The Lives Trilogy and Prequel are Now Available!

I am pleased to announce that the Lives Trilogy: Stolen Lives; Shattered Lives; Splintered Lives, and the Prequel: Taking Lives are all available in both ebook and paperback. I’ve listed the links below for your convenience.

If you read and liked Caught in a Web, Spiral Into Darkness, and Betrayed, by going back to the Lives Trilogy and Prequel, you will gain insight into the character and some of the characters’ baggage they brought to Caught, Spiral, and Betrayed. It has been an interesting, if not painful, journey for them and for the family.

I wrote the Lives Trilogy and Prequel as a way of giving back. I wanted to tell the story of the plight of missing kids and human trafficking. I used my counseling background, stories that were shared by kids and their parents, and a massive amount of research. The books are all thriller-mystery-crime-detective, or those qualities you like and expect in my writing. Each book was revised and edited, so you will have a clean copy to read and enjoy.

Get the Lives Trilogy and Prequel today! Taking Lives, Stolen Lives, Shattered Lives, and Splintered Lives by #BlackRoseWriting author Joseph Lewis are available now with all major book retailers!

The Lives Trilogy Prequel, Taking Lives:

FBI Agent Pete Kelliher and his partner search for the clues behind the bodies of six boys left in various and remote parts of the country. Even though they live in separate parts of the country, the lives of FBI Agent Pete Kelliher, 11-year-old Brett McGovern, and 11-year-old George Tokay are separate pieces of a puzzle. The two boys become interwoven with the same thread that Kelliher holds in his hand. The three of them are on a collision course and when that happens, their futures grow dark as each search for a way out.

Book One, Stolen Lives:

Two thirteen-year-old boys are abducted off a safe suburban street. Kelliher and his team of FBI agents have 24 hours to find them or they will end up like the other kids they found- dead! They have no leads, no clues, and nothing to go on. And Kelliher suspects that one of his team members might be involved.

Book Two of the Lives Trilogy, Shattered Lives:

The boys are home, but now they have to fit back in with their families and friends. Their parents and the FBI thought the boys were safe. They were until people began dying. Now the hunt is on for six dangerous and desperate men who vow revenge. No leads and nothing to go on. The FBI can only sit back and wait. A dangerous game that threatens not only the boys, but their families.

Book Three of the Lives Trilogy, Splintered Lives:

Three dangerous men with nothing to lose offer a handsome reward if fourteen-year-old Brett McGovern was killed. He has no idea that he, his younger brother, and a friend are targets. More than anyone, these three men vow to kill George, whom they blame for forcing them to run and hide.

A fun vacation turns into a nightmare and ends where it started, back on the Navajo Nation Reservation, high on a mesa held sacred by George and his grandfather. Outnumbered and outgunned, George is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect his adoptive father and his adoptive brothers- but can he? Without knowing who these men are? Or where they are? Without knowing whom to trust? Is he prepared for betrayal that leads to heartbreak and his possible death?

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