Some Great News!

I received two pieces of significant news that I want to share with you!

First, I just signed a publishing contract with Black Rose Writing for my eighth book, Blaze In, Blaze Out. What makes this exciting and special is that BRW only read a partial of my uncompleted manuscript and offered me a contract. The publication date is January 6th. Preorders will be available before that time – in time for Christmas shopping – and of course, I will have author’s copies for sale and signing.

Blaze In, Blaze Out takes place in Northern Wisconsin and in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and it features a trio of my cop characters: Pat O’Connor, Jamie Graff, and Paul Eiselmann. O’Connor and Eiselmann worked undercover with a multi-agency task force made up of FBI, ATF, and DEA, with O’Connor infiltrating an Ukranian mob ring involved in narcotics, guns and prostitution. With a guilty verdict handed down on the mob boss, O’Connor, Eiselmann, and the other agencies thought the case was closed. It wasn’t.

The mob boss, blinded by revenge, has long arms that reach beyond prison walls. Someone leaked personal information to the ring, and a hit is ordered on Eiselmann and O’Connor. Eiselmann is at home in Waukesha with his family, while O’Connor is on a fishing trip on a lake near Crivitz, Wisconsin. Along with O’Connor are Jamie Graff, George, Brian, Brett, and Two (George’s half-brother). Cell service is poor in that forest, so no one can warn them. Not only are Eiselmann and O’Connor in danger, but so is anyone who is near them.

The Ukranian ring has used these paid assassins before, and they have never failed. Never. It becomes a race against time to find the assassins, find out who leaked the information to the Ukranians, and protect Eiselmann and his family, and O’Connor and Graff and the four kids who are with them.

Look for publication in January 2022.

Second, my book, Betrayed, won another award! In December, Betrayed won a Literary Titan Silver Book Award! Today, I found out Betrayed won an Author Shout Ready Reader Recommended Read Award!

My previous two books, Caught in a Web and Spiral Into Darkness, won awards: Caught in a Web won a PenCraft Award for Crime Fiction and was named “one of the best crime fiction novels of 2018” by; while Spiral Into Darkness also won an Author Shout Ready Reader Recommended Read Award!

To say I’m a little excited by this is an understatement. Couple that with the 5 and 4 Star Reviews Betrayed has been receiving, I am humbled and speechless. Thank you to all who have read it. To those who have not yet read it, here is a link for purchase: If you would like to watch the book trailer, here is a link to it:

Betrayed by Joseph Lewis

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