Do You Write Anything Besides Fiction?

I get this question all the time, especially at book signings and author meet and greet functions. The answer to that is, yes!

Think back to what I said about reading, and how the function of reading relates to writing. I stated an author cannot write well unless he or she reads. I also compared it to athletics. Weight training is to the athlete, as reading is to the author.

But I will go one step further. I believe a writer needs to write. Period!

Whether this is just in the fictional world, or the nonfictional world, or both. The author, the writer, has to write.

I began writing a blog, Simple Thoughts From A Complicated Mind . . . Sort Of several years ago. I would post once a week. Sometimes, if I was on vacation, I might post once every two weeks. I seldom, if ever, published a post beyond two weeks. Lately, I’ve been consistently posting every weekend, usually Sunday mornings.

Simple Thoughts is an inspirational blog. I seek to lift up. I seek to cause people to think above and beyond themselves, to the whole. Their lives, their loved ones, their world in which they live, work, and play.

Like most blogs, it started out slowly. My writing wasn’t up to the level it is now, and I suspect that in the years to come, my writing will grow even stronger. I keep the post short on purpose. One can read a post in less than five minutes, but from what people tell me, the post lasts much longer than that. I aim for the heart and soul, as well as the head. I think, again, from what people have said, I generally hit where I aim.

My readership has grown steadily. In the early years, I was happy if twenty or so people read it. Of course, they were mostly family or friends. Now, my daily readership is over one hundred. Lately, it has pushed two hundred reads a day. For the month, I am pushing 7,000 reads.

I think Simple Thoughts does two things. First, it reaches into the heart of people. It tugs at them. It causes them to smile, sometimes to weep. Each person takes something personal from it. Again, I am only reporting what others have said or written to me.

I think the second thing Simple Thoughts does is that it helps clear my head. There are times I use it, or at least the thoughts in it, with a character in my fiction. Several of my characters have said or thought ideas that sprung from my blog. I like the interplay between both.

If you would like to check out my blog, you can find it at:

Yes, that might be the longest URL in the world, but it is done intentionally. That way, people can find it because they remember the name. Check it out. I think you’ll like what you find!

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